Dewalt DWM120 Review: Raising the Bar for Band Saw Performance?

Last Updated Date: 03-04-2018

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DEWALT DWM120 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Review One of my favorite saws since I was young has been the band saw. They have a much lower risk for kick back than circular saws do, and they make a straight, clean cut.

One of the few downsides of band saws, is that you can only cut material of a certain dimension because of the two wheel design. The Dewalt DWM120 Portable Band Saw just eliminated that downside!

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Dewalt DWM 120 Review

The DWM120 is capable of deep cuts, allowing you to slice through bigger material up to 5″ rectangular stock and 5 X 4 3/4″ round stock. Its 10 amps of power are enough to power through any job.

It has a drill-like handle to provide you with complete control so that you can cut with confidence, and the front handle is able to be adjusted into three positions for more comfortable ergonomics. At 15 pounds, it’s certainly not light, but you’ll like having that extra weight to help the saw glide through the wood like butter.

The need for speed

Some additional features of the DWM120 that I love are the variable 100 to 350 sfm speed that adjusts with a quick turn of the dial.  It also has a variable speed trigger that gave me complete control over the cut.

And if you’re like many of us who use our equipment in garages without optimum lighting, the built-in LED light is something that you’ll love!  Flip a switch and it lights up your entire work area so that you can safely use your saw.  After you’re done, hang it out of the way on the attached hook.

I used the saw for several odd cuts, like cutting copper from steel housing. This wouldn’t have been possible without the ability to make a deep cut. The blade tracking adjustment worked perfectly to keep it on track, and blade changes were as easy as can be. You just release the lever and the blade slides right out.

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Is the Dewalt DWM 120 worth your hard earned money?

During this Dewalt DWM120 Review, I put it through the tests. It proved to be ruggedly designed, which I am grateful for after accidentally knocking it off my work table at one point. So if you are in need of a quality deep cutting band saw, give it a try. I think you’ll be pleased.

==>> Check out pricing and any available discounts on the DWM 120

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