How Black Friday Works As Technology Continues To Drive Shopping Trends

Black Friday works a little better nowadays than it has in the past. It has always been a lot of fun as people wait with anticipation to see what’s going to be on sale and for what price and where.

However, before the online world took the driver’s seat, Black Friday could often be like mass mayhem in person. There are still plenty of people who hit brick and mortar stores during Black Friday, but let’s take a look at how it works in today’s world.

Black Friday How does it work - 2019_11_29

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Changes in technology and communication have certainly played their part in how Black Friday works these days. Doesn’t it seem like these days that the specials and discounts are announced well ahead of time? That’s because the Black Friday sales are no longer relegated to just a day. They last for days, both offline and offline. It used to be that the people hitting the stores for Black Friday didn’t know what to expect until early that morning.

There are stores that provide extra discounts and additional products on sale when Black Friday actually hits, but you get the idea. These days it is more of a several days long buying extravaganza. This helps, as does the online platform, with alleviating some of the safety concerns and general societal issues surrounding Black Friday in the past. However, it also takes away a little bit of the excitement.

Since people have several days to get involved though, participation of consumers doesn’t necessarily wane. This means that companies still get their fill, consumers, too. Or do they? It would be interesting to see the actual statistics regarding Black Friday in say the past ten years. It is going to seem like there is a little less participation in person, but that doesn’t mean it translates to the actual numbers.

Do you typically participate in Black Friday? The days of showing up at a store for special early morning hours the day after Thanksgiving are slowing down. It still happens, but many people these days participate in Black Friday a different way. How that happens is both consumer driven and company driven.

What will Black Friday be like in 2019?

I would expect online sales to be larger than in the past as usual, which shows the changing trends. People would rather sleep in, wake up, eat leftovers, spend time with family and shop online vs being run over in the department stores.

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