Best Bosch Miter Saw Reviews: Why you should consider them

Bosch miter saws are a great investment for both professionals and the home user.

A great example is the Bosch 4410L. It is a compound sliding miter saw, with a 10 inch blade. That big 10 inch blade results in very smooth, easy cuts of molding and frames. If you’re not familiar, with a sliding miter saw you can pull the blade through the wood if the wood is larger than the blade. With a non-sliding miter saw, the blade comes down from the top, and can only cut wood smaller than the diameter of the blade. If you are doing compound angles on larger pieces of wood, then choosing a sliding miter saw is what you want.

I’ve always been impressed with the quality when using my Bosch. The motor is fairly quiet. Ok, that is a comparative statement, no power saw is quiet, but Bosch miter saws have quieter motors than many others I’ve used.

My Bosch saw has all the controls right up front, so it is quick and easy to make changes. I know when I have those precious hours to work on my home, I don’t want to waste time on saw settings, I want to make the cut, and get back to putting in my baseboard and crown molding.

The Bosch miter saw also has a nice sawdust capture bag, while not 100%, it sure reduces my cleanup time. I prefer to keep my cleanup time short, that’s not what I enjoy doing.

Of course the best thing about my Bosch miter saw, the cuts are excellent. They are clean, smooth, and accurate. When there is a mistake in a cut, it has always been the fool running the saw, not the saw. With the clear controls for setting up your cuts, there is no excuse for me making mistakes, but I’m still human, I’m going to make a few wrong cuts.

I have come to trust that when I make a cut with my Bosch miter saw, the two sides of my joint are going to fit perfectly, and it has not let me down.

I also appreciate all of the attention to quality that Bosch put into the saw. This saw is durable, and tough. I’ve made a lot of cuts with my Bosch miter saw, and everything is still tight, accurate, and most importantly all in one piece. I have purchased many items that fell apart after limited use, but this Bosch miter saw just keeps taking abuse, and keeps on cutting perfect joints.

My Bosch miter saw has laser tracking, which is really nice. It helps me see the cut, and has definitely reduced my percentage of bad cuts. Seeing the cut before you pull the saw cutting through the wood, has saved me on a lot of oops moments.

With all of the adjustments and micro adjustments you can easily make on a Bosch miter saw, you can produce any cut you need for your home projects.

Did you get the feeling that I really like Bosch miter saws? You’d be right.