Dewalt DW715 Compound Miter Saw Review: Does it make the cut?

Last Updated Date: 26-04-2021

dewalt dw715 15-amp 12-inch compound miter saw

Has it been a while since you needed a new miter saw? Considering the Dewalt DW715 as a replacement of your old mitre saw?

Well, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much they have improved over recent years.​

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It might be worth taking the plunge and investing in a highly rated compound miter saw.

Gone are the days of only using miter saws for molding or trim work.

These machines are leaner, meaner, and a heck of a lot more portable than in years past. They may be less friendly on the wallet, but it is well worth paying for the added features. And if you can spare the extra expense, a miter saw stand will make life a whole lot easier.

Let’s  find out if the Dewalt DW715 Compound Miter Saw is worth the money.

Precision cuts are childs play with a thin kerf blade that won’t waste material. For finer wood working pieces, such as molding or balusters, a miter saw can make or break a project. Contractors and carpenters need to be able to make precision cuts accurately to avoid wasting materials and time.


The Dewalt DW715 is the company’s new 15-amp 12-inch single-bevel compound miter saw that is designed for portability, thanks to a specialized ergonomic handle on the fairly light 42-pound machine.

It comes with the following:

  • dust bag
  • side handles in the base
  • carbide blade
  • blade wrench

It has a great blade size to keep up with all sorts of projects.

However, some types of trim work, such as installing crown molding, require that the cut also have an angle which is called a bevel. This is where this miter saw excels. Its beveling capability allows the actual head containing the blade to be angled so that when the arm is lowered the blade is cutting two angles at once – a miter and a bevel.

It’s considered a single bevel because most of the bevel angles are to the left where it can cut up to 48 degrees, whereas on the right it can only go up to 3 degrees.​


To put it simply, this miter saw is very capable at cutting any type of angle. More importantly, the efforts go farther when one blade is capable of making two angles. That is essentially what the compound miter saw is capable of doing. It is a little bit like getting a bigger bang for the buck.​

Capabilities And Features​

That is good news, because thanks to the modern compound miter saw, this machine is more useful than ever before. The capacity with crosscuts is 2×8 inch in dimension. Beveling up to 48° on the left and up to 3° on the right. It features positive stops at 0°, 45° and 33.9°. This is made for cutting molding while it is flat. Speaking of bevels, the 4 hardened steel stop at 0°, 33.9°, 45° and 48° for versatility.​

The solid height of the fences supports the carpenter in creating and working with 5-1/4 inch crown molding. The base molding is supported up to 6-1/2 inches vertically up to the fence. Meanwhile, it is still poised to make bevel cuts. Surprisingly, this compound miter saw slices through framing lumber even.​

This is all good news as it means that the saw is able to keep up with different materials that you may need to cut, as well as different sized wood. No one wants to have to go out and buy another tool, juggle different tools, or stall a project because the miter saw cannot handle the project. This tool is capable of meeting many demands very well.​

The saw guard comes down over the entire blade and is not exposed. The cam lock for the miter handle works with the detent override removes a step — of having to twist the handle to lock it. The Miter detent override allows custom adjustment beyond the miter stops. This prevents the miter from dropping into the pre-existing miter detents. The miter detent plate has 11 positive stops.

Modern Mastery​

​The miter saw of today is easier to tool around with, and sets up in many spaces very easily. In addition, the markings on it are fool proof and do not require excess tools and tabulations. Sure those could be performed on phone apps these days. The point is this miter saw is powerful, while providing the necessary flexibility and capabilities to make accurate cuts without a lot of extra tools.

The compound miter saw does it all and have gone from being something only for the delicate jobs to being indispensable to any woodworking studio or work site. It has made work far easier for anyone having to make a lot of standard cuts. For instance, molding and trim were the initial purposes for miter saws.

Yet, they still required lots of attention to measuring. These days, the Dewalt DW715 has 11 positive stops at the common trim angles. This ensures accuracy without excess measuring the norm. It saves time, and puts the joy back into creating something, not in the efforts of playing with other tools. It outshines the other models on the market.​

This compound miter saw is a nice surprise for the molding pros, and for anyone who needs to make an easy cut through the framing timber. The best part is probably in the capabilities of the blade stops that are built into the saw. It makes work much easier.

How does it compare to other miter saws?

By comparison to other miter saws and compound miter saws on the market, it is affordable. Yet, at this affordable price it will save on the problem of lugging around different saws, or attempting to size trim when the old bulky saw is down three flights of stairs and the room being fitted with trim is upstairs.

With this compound miter saw you can eliminate any guesswork, and ensure accuracy into the angled cuts, right from the first cut.​

Let’s find out how it compares to two other popular miter saws.​

Comparing the Dewalt DW715 vs DW716

Although similar in size and weight, and with similar motors, the 716 has a few extra features. These do come at an extra cost.

The 715 is a good solid option for the hobbyist who does some woodworking on the weekends.​

As your skills improve you may consider upgrading to a double-bevel miter saw like the DW716. It does the same double angle motion of the DW715 but with more blade output. This is great for the traditionalists who the original miter saws were designed – trim and molding.

Comparing the Dewalt DW715 vs Makita LS1221

On paper the DW715 and LS1221 delivers the same power with a 15 AMP motor delivering 4000. The Makita is larger, but weights about 7lbs less.

The DW715 has 11 positive stops versus the 9 of the Makita, making the Dewalt a touch easier to use.

One important thing I have to mention, is that the Makita is assembled in the United States, while this Dewalt miter saw is made in China.

The DW715 is a good option for the home handyman, while the Makita LS1261 is more suited to the professionals. The price difference also reflects this.

Visit to see if either of these made it on my list of top miter saws.

Where is the DW 715 made?

As mentioned above, this miter saw is manufactured in China, and then shipped to the rest of the world.

Dewalt DW 715 Product Images​


Anything not to like?

At this price, you can’t expect a miter saw in the same league as the Festool Kapex. If you make your living by doing carpentry, or installing cabinets, it will be worthwhile to look at something a little more advanced.

Another think to look out for, is whether you are getting the Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3 when buying. The Type 3 isn’t compatible with previous model accessories, which is a downright pain.

Where to buy at the best price?

While you could easily pick up this compound mitre saw at your local hardware, or Lowes, I always recommend ordering through for the best price, and the best return policy.

As always, DeWalt Tools provides a solid warranty complete with a 3-month money back guarantee. It does have a one year service contract thrown in along with 3-year limited warranty.​

Is it worth the money?

Take the drudgery out of the work day and get back to making cuts that are reliably accurate time and again with the compound miter saw. Such tools are indispensable and are worth their weight in gold.

Some buy one just to make replacements of their own trim and window sills and find that it works exceptionally well. It is fast, reliable, and saves extra trips back to the store to get more wood.

It might even encourage people who are just getting into replacing trim to expand their skill set. It is that type of a life changing saw. The main drawback is that it has no laser guide on it. Check out the Makita LS1216L if you need a laser guide.

Many people who are interested in this saw overlook it because they expect it. Otherwise, the DW715 is an excellent compound miter saw for under $300.​

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