Dewalt DW716 Review – Can it keep up with the competition?

Last Updated Date: 26-04-2021

dewalt dw716 - best for crown molding

Crown molding installation is an efficient way to dress a room as well as giving it a bit of additional character.

However, the fact is that it can be a tricky thing for even experienced carpenters to master.

Because of this, life is made easier with a DeWalt DW716, 12 inches, 15 amp double bevel compound miter saw. This gave me the power to make miter and bevel cuts at the same time.


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​You probably know, the crown molding is not installed flat against a wall, it is installed where 2 pieces of trim meet at the corners, which requires each ends to have a bevel and miter angle cut.

A miter cut is a trim that is cut to fit against other pieces of trims like at the corner of a window or door. In this case, the trim would usually have a 45° miter cut; however, the actual cut would be a 90° to the saw table.

A bevel cut is a different thing since it has an actual angle. However, thanks to the DeWalt DW716 miter saw, both of miter and bevels can be done instantly.


​Things To Look For In A Compound Miter Saw

​The truth of the matter is that choosing the best compound miter saw does depend on preference. Personally, paying attention to few things or areas. As such, I would like to see how it would fare against other leading miter saws.

What comes in the box?

This tool comes with a carbide cable, blade wrench and dust bag.

The 716 saw chain is compatible to the DW7187 miter saw laser system, including to the DWS7085 LED cut line indicator. Even though they are sold separately.

​What can I do with the DW716?

​First of all, this saw can make miter cuts up to 50° in both directions. This feature makes it the ideal saw for just about any trimming job that you may undertake. The saw’s head can swivel to allow bevel cuts up to 48° right and left.

If you are used to the old way of cutting a crown molding, you will be impressed by the way this saw makes light work of it. If it’s your first time using this saw, you might wonder why anyone would find it a challenging task. If that was not enough, its 15 amps motor and 12-inch blade make it very capable saw to use.

How safe is it?

​The truth of the matter is that saws of different types can be dangerous if proper care is not applied while it is used. Even the most experienced carpenters at one time have had accidents the moment they became careless.

Well, due to this fact, the DeWalt took this into consideration by having the DW716 designed. It comes with a blade guard that will protect your hands and figures from the spinning blade.

​The best of it all is that the can move up and down, depending on the way you are cutting and dropping it back into place the moment you lift the arm. At the same time, it also has an interlocking safety system that helps in protecting a person against accidental startups.

How much does it weigh?

It does not matter if you have the best miter saw in the world, but if it is too heavy, then moving it around would be a problem. In other words, it will most likely stay in your workshop or truck rather than going with it where it is needed.

However, weight is not an issue with this miter saw because it only weighs 44 pounds making it convenient to handle as well as carrying it around.

​Going For A 12 Inch Blade of Gusto

​There are several miter saws available with an 8 inch and 10-inch blade. However, the million dollar question is; why buy other types of saw, when the DeWalt miter saw offers a 12-inch cutting capacity?

What does this mean?

It only means that with this saw, you will be able to cut a 6½ inch board vertically and crown molding of up to 5½ inch against the tall sliding fence. This means that you can cut the frame as if it were already fitted to the ceiling.

​At the same time, the 12-inch blade does make the miter saw suitable for slicing through a wide variety of framing lumber.

dewalt dw716 capacity

How powerful is it?

​The fact is that you do not require a lot of power to cut through most types of trims. However, the DW716 can be used as a chopping saw while undertaking framing projects.

If in the past, you have ever tried to cut a wet and treated timber, then you know and understand the need for all that power. This saw will not disappoint you as it comes with a 15 amp motor, which spins the blade at 3,800 rpm. This will make cutting deck posts as if you are running a knife through butter.

Will the pre-set blade stops save me time?

​It is a known fact that using powerful tools on any projects will save you time as well as effort. This is an issue well understood by the DeWalt, and hence, this is the reason it comes with a pre-set miter and bevel stops for common angles.

The saw head or arm locks into place giving you accuracy while cutting during a project every time. The saw comes with a 7 hardened steel positive stops for bevel angles as well as 11 positive stops for miter cutting. This is a feature that will surely save time.

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Comparing the DW715 vs DW716

​The DW716 comes a slightly higher priced when compared to the DW715. The truth is that it will all depend on how much trimming project you have to handle.

With its double-bevel capabilities, the DW716 could really help you and it has proven to be worth the additional extra money if you have a big project lined up. At the same time, even if you think you do not have big projects, the 716 model is the best.

Comparing the DWS780 vs DW716

Even though both of these saws are powerful and the best for cutting through hardest pieces of lumber, the DeWalt DWS780 offers few additional features that have proven to be helpful during cutting projects. However, it will all generally depend on how you will use these tools.

DWS780 offers features such as:

  • The XPS cross cutting positioning system for accuracy
  • Easy cutting
  • Can cut tall stock

The only limitation to the 780 saw is that it is expensive compared to the 716 saw. As such, If you are looking for affordable options, then the DW716 is the best choice for you. However, if you are looking for a saw that can cut high stock, then the DWS780 is the right option for you.

Where to buy at best price & warranty?

The DeWalt tools have a reputation for being durable. However, even the best products in the market at times require repairs and maintenance services.

With these products, you do not have to worry about it, because they come with a 90-days money back guarantee. It also comes with a one-year service contract and a three-year limited warranty.

dewalt dw716 warranty

I have been purchasing power tools for more than 10 years, and I have always been amazed by the pricing in different stores. At Amazon, the process of buying these tools has been made easier. This is because these tools are very affordable compared to many stores either online or offline. The DeWalt DW716 is typically below the $400 mark at If you can find it for under $350, you really should jump on it.

Any problems you should be aware of?

The product is perfect offering few complications about the cost. However, after upgrading it from the 10 inch saw to the 12-inch saw, there is nothing much to be said. The main thing to keep in mind is the cost of purchasing the product.

Is it worth the money?

My take on the DeWalt DW716 is that it is well designed intended for durability and as a value investment both for those doing construction as well as home improvement.

For this reason and much more, this miter saw is the best for just about any project you plan to undertake. The double-bevel capability is especially handy for your crown molding.

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