Dewalt DW7440RS Review – As good as it gets?

Dewalt DW7440RS Review - As good as it gets?Are you looking to buy a trustworthy milter saw stand that you can easily take with you on all your job sites?

The DEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Miter Saw Stand is a great contender to consider on your purchasing quest. Having purchased and tested the DEWALT personally, I will share my own review so you know exactly what to expect.

In this review I will talk about the main features of the saw stand, provide a usability evaluation, stress on the build quality, point out the weaknesses and most importantly, give you tips on where to get the best deal for your dollars!

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The Main Features

The DEWALT DW7440RS comes fitted with with legs that when unfolded lock in a wide position. This provides increased stability allowing you to perform tasks without worrying about any movement that would affect your safety. There is a quick-release lever that allows you to fold back the legs when you are done and ready to pack away your miter saw stand. The legs also come with removable rubber feet that will prevent slipping should you choose to work on tiled surfaces or any floors where that extra grip is needed. Aside from the gripping factor, this will protect your work surfaces from any damage.

The lightweight DEWALT has a kickstand like you’d find on a motorbike, making it possible to stand it upright during storage. When not being stored away, the tough wheels allow you to pull your saw stand to the site location. The wheels are designed to withstand trips up and down stairs and even journeys through rough terrain.

The DEWALT DW7440RS comes with quick-release locking brackets for holding the saw in place. This always comes in handy, as you don’t exactly want the saw to come loose when you’re working!

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Usability Evaluation

The DEWALT miter saw stand has a retractable handle similar to what you would find on luggage. The soft handle provides a comfortable grip allowing you to easily pull it onto a site. The way this is designed also means that the majority of the saw stands weight will be closer to the ground. This will prevent you from causing any unnecessary self-injury when pulling it around.

The flip brackets for locking the saw into position are specially designed for a quick and easy release. This takes away the annoying process of attaching and detaching the saw that you will find to be the case with other similar saw stands, where they have stiffer brackets.

Build Quality

Weighing in at only 33 pounds (that’s 15 kilos if you’re working with the metrics system), the DEWALT DW7440RS is surprisingly strong and durable. It is capable of withstanding pressure weight of up to 200 pounds (90 metric kilos).

The wheels are can withstand a great deal of torture getting to and from sites, but the axles show signs of when the travel miles start clocking up.

What comes in the box:

The DW7440RS DEWALT Rolling Table Saw Stand comes unassembled. There are illustrated instructions to accompany the product, and assembly is pretty quick and easy.

What I don’t like about the DEWALT DW77440RS:

It would be great if Dewalt invested a little more time into the design of the legs on the DW77440RS rolling miter saw stand. I would quite happily fork out a few extra bucks if it featured extendable legs. It is not always convenient to rest the saw stand on a raised platform.

However, the legs fold in easily, allowing you to mount it on any workbench. Alternatively, if you purchase the DW745 table saw which is designed specifically for attaching to the miter saw stand, then you pretty much have a higher work area.

Where you can buy the DEWALT DW77440RS at the best price

I had a good shop around at my local hardware stores, comparing prices, and later came to find that the best deals are online. I came across the best price for the DW77440RS at Amazon. The customer reviews on the site are so detailed, helping me make my purchase decision.

The thing I like the most about the service from Amazon is the free delivery and the fact that it only took a couple of days for my order to arrive. The other great aspect of shopping at Amazon is the side panel that shows you other sellers stocking the same product, making it easier to track down the cheapest offers. They even recommend other products to accompany your purchase, so I picked up a pack of 10” saw blades to go with my order.

Is the DEWALT DW7440RS the right miter saw stand for you?

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Dave Horton