Dewalt DWS520CK Review: Worth your hard-earned money?

Last Updated Date: 26-04-2021

Dewalt DWS520CK Review: Worth your hard-earned money?

If you are already familiar with using DEWALT tools, you will most likely know what to expect from this track saw.

The DEWALT DWS520CK is a mid-range priced saw kit that has a 12 amp motor, which promises up to 1300W of power. This corded track saw provides splinter-free, straight cuts that are perfectly precise.

Let’s get stuck into my Dewalt DWS520CK review.

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What comes in the box?

Along with the DWS 520 CK heavy-duty track saw, you also get a 6 ½ inch (20mm arbor size) 48-tooth ultra-fine finishing blade, a blade wrench, a 59-inch track, a 102-inch track and a kit box.

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This powerful track saw is both easy to set up and easy enough to operate for even beginner woodworkers. The rugged, yet lightweight unit has a 12A motor with a soft start feature which will make sure that the saw does not jump when it is switched on. It also winds down to stop quickly and quietly. This track saw features a riving knife for extra safety and a blade that retracts fully into the guard, so the saw sits flat on the base when not in use.

The track included with this saw has a zero-clearance splinter guard on both sides. This ensures that you don’t need to constantly flip the track, which is an advantage when you are working in tight quarters.

Cutting ability

The DEWALT DWS520CK cuts as smoothly as a table saw and is great for angle cuts. It produces razor sharp cuts with very minimal, to no splintering on almost all materials. This track saw can also maintain straight cuts for up to 96 inches at a time and has bevel adjustments up to 47 degrees

This track saw makes spot-on angle cuts and has no trouble lining up 45-degree corner cuts. It has an on-track cutting depth of 2 ⅛ inches at 90 degrees and 1 ⅝ inches at 45 degrees. This track saw also has a variable speed control dial that enables you to match the speed of the blade to the type of cutting job you are performing.


This saw has an easy and smooth plunge action and will make clean cuts on even rough materials. The plunge depth is also easy to set. The plunge mechanism may take some time getting used to, though, since this unit uses linkage connection rather than a single pivot point. This means that you have to push the handle both forward and down to make the cut.

Dust Collection

The dust collection is much better on the DEWALT DWS520CK than that of most other circular saws. It is advisable to connect it to a shop vacuum or dust collection system. The universal 1 ¼ inch dust port makes the task of sawing much less messy since it is able to collect most of the dust when connected to a shop vacuum. However, even without connecting to these systems this track saw will leave minimal dust behind.

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What I like

This saw has plenty of good reviews, and with good reason. Razor sharp cuts with no splintering should be standard on all track saws, but unfortunately these days that is not the case. This unit delivers on that promise.

No need to bring in the table saw for this job. The 12A, 1300W motor makes breaking down sheet goods (from mdf to ply to abs) a breeze (I will transfer the work piece to the table saw after breaking it down).

With the 102 track that is included in the kit, you can easily make 96″rips.

I also like the low profile blade guard, which means I can use it smaller, confined spaces.

What I don’t like

One of the complaints about this unit is that the tracks could have been a few inches longer. This would have provided full support from start to finish. Connecting the tracking pieces, which enable the saw to make longer cuts, also has its flaws. A smooth transition between rails is not too easy to achieve. It is much less effective than compared to other competitive saws on the market.

Related Products & Accessories

To make clamping the track in place easier and faster, the saw track clamps can be bought. They are designed to work with the DEWALT tracks and since they slide in a groove in the bottom of the tracks, no clamps sticking up above the tracks will interfere with the saw’s movement.

Where to buy this tracksaw kit at the best price?

If you have spent more than 5 minutes browsing this site, you will know that I am a big fan of Amazon. Sure, you can walk into Home Depot, Lowes, Menards or your local hardware store, but let’s be honest, they don’t have the buying power that Amazon does. What does that mean? It means that Amazon often has the best prices on items.

Their free delivery and customer service make it a no-brainer to order from Amazon.

Worth your hard-earned money? Is the DEWALT DWS520CK track saw kit worth your hard earned money?

If you are going to make cuts of 96 inches or less that will regularly require precise and straight cutting, then the Dewalt DWS520CK will be a great purchase for yourself and your workshop. This track saw produces finish level cuts and tear-out on the track side of the saw is basically non-existent. This is a cost effective saw that can be trusted for quality and consistent work.

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