Festool TS 75 EQ Review: Is it really as good as they say?

Last Updated Date: 26-04-2021

Festool TS 75 EQ Review: Is it really as good as they say?

The Festool TS 75 EQ Plunge Cut Circular Saw is a powerful unit that will deliver pinpoint accuracy to your work. This isn’t just a standard circular saw, though.

When taking into consideration its versatility and accuracy, it could be better matched against the most advanced miter saws, panel saws and table saws.

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What comes in the box?

The Festool TS 75 EQ Circular saw comes with a 75-inch guide rail, 36-tooth blade, limit stop, Plug-it power cord and splinter guard. An intelligently designed Systainer storage case is also included to keep the saw protected and accessories organised.

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This is Festool’s most powerful plunge cut saw. It will provide enough power to slice through the toughest material with little to no swirl or burn marks. This corded circular saw isn’t only impressive because of how straight it can cut, but also how well it is able to make high accuracy cuts without splintering.

Combined with its ease of use and portability, this is an extremely advanced plunge cut saw. To top it all off, the dust collection system leaves very little dust behind.

Guide Rail System

Plunge Cut Circular Saw with 75-Inch Track3 An accurate cut line is created with the unique guide rail guide. When used together, you have complete control over the cuts that are perfectly straight. The depth of the cut with the guide rail is 2 ⅛ inches at 45 degrees and 2 ¾ inches at 90 degrees.

Even when you need to make bevel cuts at an angle, the guide rail system keeps this track saw above the cut line. The rubber lip on the rail presses onto the work piece, which prevents splintering.

Clamping the guide rail is therefore also unnecessary since it stays exactly where you put it. For cutting even larger pieces of material, additional connectors can be purchased that allow you to join rail sections together.

Safe and Splinter Free Cutting

The 13.6 pound saw is capable of cutting to a depth of 2 ¾ inches. The 36-tooth blade with carbide tips has a diameter of 8 ¼ inches and can handle a range of speeds between 1 350 and 3 550 RPM. Changing the blade is made safer and easier with the FastFix system. When it is engaged, the arbor and power switch both get locked simultaneously.

The replaceable splinter guard makes splinter free cutting possible on both sides of the blade. Chip deflectors protect you from errant shards of material and a riving knife clears the space behind the blade.

Circular Saw

Riving Knife and Plunge

The built in riving knife makes for extra safety and peace of mind. The spring-loaded riving knife will retract into the housing when plunge cuts are being made. It keeps the cut kerf open so that the material will not pinch the blade. This leaves you in control of all your operations by reducing the chance of kickbacks occurring.

Easy to use depth adjustments will allow you to only expose the part of the blade that is necessary for the cut you are making. The plunge action also allows for placement anywhere on the cut line for both cut-outs into material and straight cuts.

The plunge action is unique in that this unit does not have a rotating lower guard like with ordinary circular saws. Instead, the blade pivots through the bottom shoe. This makes it safer than a conventional blade guard.

75-Inch Track

What I don’t like

One of the only concerns with this Festool circular saw is probably the price. Selling for around $780, it is quite a sizable investment. However, when taking into consideration that this is a very high quality tool, which will help you to make perfect cuts for years to come, it will be money well spent at the end of the day.

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Is this the right saw for you?

If you are in the market for a high quality saw that you will use on a daily basis, this is most likely the saw for you. Even though the Festool TS 75 EQ is quite expensive, it is a worthwhile investment when you keep in mind the power and features of this saw. This versatile and accurate saw will help you to tackle a wide variety of jobs and last you a very long time.

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