Husqvarna 445 Review: Is this your next chainsaw? 

Last Updated Date: 15-08-2019


Husqvarna 445 18-Inch 45.7cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain SawHusqvarna makes chainsaws for all types of users—professionals, who use their tools every day, large parcel land owners, who frequently need to cut down dead and live timber, and also the occasional user, who may need to trim or remove a tree a couple of times per year.

Most homeowners fall into that occasional user category.  Whether it’s due to inclement weather or overgrowth, you will likely, at one time or another, need to trim, or entirely remove a tree from your yard.

To do this properly, you’ll need the right tool for that job. In this Husqvarna 445 chainsaw review we’re going to look at the good and the bad, so you can decide if it’s the right tool for you.

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More about the Husqvarna 445

This model boasts all the same features of other Husqvarna chainsaw models in a compact form. Coming in at 10.8 pounds, this saw comes standard with a 2.8 horsepower engine and an 18-inch bar. If you’re looking for a little more length, the max suggested bar length for this unit is 20 inches, so you could replace the standard bar with one a little larger.

Easy to start, easy to stop, and easy to use

Husqvarna-445-best-gas-chainsaw-homeownersIf you’re new to the chainsaw game, this unit has some features that make it easier to get started and easier to handle. Equipped with SmartStart®, this saw has a combined start and stop switch that also acts a fuel pump.

This model comes equipped with the air purge system that helps remove air from the carburetor and fuel systems. Combined, these features reduce the number of times you must pull the starter, making it easier to start, stop, and restart.

Using X-Torq® technology, this unit has reduced its fuel usage and exhaust emissions. This means you can go longer between filling up, and it’s an environmentally conscious option.

Additionally, LowVib® technology reduces the amount of vibration experienced by the saw operator, making it easier to handle.

Compact, yet powerful

Weighing only 10.8 pounds this model can be easily handled by most occasional users, but it’s able to do the work of a much larger chainsaw. Whether you’re just doing some light trimming or downing several trees on your property, this model can handle the job. One user reported using the 445 to dismantle a 45-foot downed pine tree from his yard, while another used his to remove more than 20 trees from his property.

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Easy Maintenance

Another feature that makes this unit perfect for your average homeowner is the easy maintenance. You won’t use this saw every day, but when you do need to do maintenance on it, Husqvarna has worked to make it easy on you.

This model is equipped with a centrifugal air cleaning system, designed to keep larger dust and debris from reaching the air filter, so you don’t have to clean it as often, and it increases the life of the engine. The side-mounted chain tensioner and snap-lock cylinder cover make maintenance sites easily accessible, so when you do need to do upkeep, you don’t spend half your time trying to access integral parts. Also, a visible fuel gauge keeps you from running the saw dry, which isn’t good for any engine.

Something to think about

Like with any piece of equipment that is handled roughly and used for hard work, things break. Some users report the plastic pieces breaking off during handling. However, they also say that the bar attachment is strong and sturdy, although it’s attached with only one bolt instead of two. The moral here is that the whole saw isn’t meant to cut the tree, just the bar and chain, so be careful with the rest of the saw. Don’t push, pull, or twist too hard.

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Where can you buy the Husqvarna 445 at the best price?

Like all Husqvarna tools and equipment, the 445 can be ordered on the Husqvarna website. You can also locate a nearby Husqvarna dealer on their website and experience this model in person before purchasing.

But, if you’re already a prime member and you’ve done your research, save yourself the trip and the shipping cost and order it on Amazon. Their pricing is competitive with the Husqvarna site and you get the benefits of things like unmatched customer service, easy returns, and a no-hassle warranty.

Is the 445 the right fit for you?

husky 445All in all, the Husqvarna is perfect for the occasional user and homeowner. It’s compact enough to be used by most adults and powerful enough to take care of the big jobs as well as the small.

You can easily switch the bar size, depending on the task at hand, and with all its innovative features you should have no trouble starting, operating, or maintaining this piece of equipment.

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