Makita SP6000J1 Review: Is this the track saw for you?

Last Updated Date: 28-06-2022

Makita SP6000J1 Review: Is this the circular saw for you?

The lightweight and compact SP6000J1 from Makita is a powerful and precise track saw that will certainly get the job done. This track saw and the 55-inch guide rail work together to produce precision cutting with minimal tear-out.

This portable plunge saw is ideal to use in any workshop or job site. Let’s learn if this is the right plunge circular saw for you in my Makita SP6000J1 Review.

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What comes in the box?

Included with the Makita SP6000J1 is also a 6 ½ inch 48-tooth carbide-tipped saw blade, a hex wrench, a 55-inch guide rail and a very handy stackable tool case.

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The unit is user-friendly, on-point when it comes to accuracy and very quiet compared to other saws on the market. This saw offers a lot of nifty features such as the plunge gauge, which makes for easy decisions on the depth that you want to cut at.

The small form factor of this plunge circular saw makes it easy to both hold and operate, and rubber soles make sure that it stays firm on the track. The dust port is also a huge plus. If it is paired with a shop vacuum (I recommend this model from Fein), it has very effective dust collection.

Positive stops: 22.5° and 45°
Bevel Capability: -1° to 48°

Power and Perfectly Straight Cutting

This saw will provide the precision and power that is needed for any job. The powerful 12 amp motor gives you the horsepower needed to cut through thick pieces of almost any material. The soft start feature on this saw helps to reduce the chances of it jumping from start-up torque.

It is fitted with a plunge release, and if I was forced to find fault, I would say it is not the most comfortable.

I do like that changing blades is pretty simple, and can be done without removing the faceplate (just leave the front access open).

The 55-inch guide rail helps to make perfectly level and straight cuts. The SP6000J1 enables you to lay the guide rail down right on the cut mark, giving you the crucial knowledge of knowing exactly where the cut will be. The guide edge, with rubber attached to the bottom, allows you to have no need for any extra clamps

Makita SP6000J1 Review: Is this the circular saw for you? Precision Cutting

This circular saw is not only quick and precise when it comes to cutting, but will also rip through almost anything with the powerful 5 200 RPM blades.  With the variable speed motor, you can adjust the speed with the electronic speed control dial anywhere between 2 000 and 5 200 RPM.

This allows you to change the speed to suit the project at hand, and also assists you in keeping the motor from overheating.

This unit has a large cutting capacity (2-3/16″ at 90° and 1-9/16″ at 45°) produces high-quality finished products that are smooth, every time. The splinter guards let you cut boards without splintering the edges. The clean and splinter-free cutting of this saw, therefore, saves time when compared to having to go back and clean up afterwards.

When you are working with materials that chip or splinter easily, a score-cutting setting can come in handy. It features a 3mm scoring setting that is able to score material before you make a full depth cut. This makes for splinter-free cuts on both sides of the kerf and not only on the side of the track.

Bevel cutting

This track saw features a bevelling capacity of -1 to 48-degrees with presets at 22 and 45 degrees. The bevel shoe of this saw is easy to adjust to a maximum of 49 degrees for custom angles. This unit also features a simple and effective anti-tip locking feature. When the saw is set for bevel cutting, this feature will keep the saw from tipping off the track.

What I don’t like about the Makita SP6000J1

One of the problems I experienced during this saw review, is that the cord is a bit too short for some projects. This is very easy to fix with an extender cord, though. Other minor problems include the fact that there is no riving blade, and the rails do not connect smoothly.

Another shortcoming is the lack of a riving knife. While this means this unit is more affordable, some carpenters will have to consider options like the highly-rated Kreg ACS2000, or the more popular Dewalt DCS520T1. If you have a table saw for making rip cuts, the lack of a riving knife might not matter as much to you.

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Is this the the right circular saw for you?

This Makita track saw is an all-round efficient tool that offers a lot of great features and high performance for a very reasonable price. This circular saw with plunge cutting ability can make 56mm deep cuts. When used with the guide rail, this easy-to-use saw will achieve perfectly straight cuts without the need for additional clamps.

Breaking down sheet goods is really easy with this unit (this thing eats 4x8panels for breakfast!). You can consider adding a 55 guide rail, or you can go for the saw and guide rail combo (pricing here).

Overall this will be a solid addition to your power tools.

If you are on a tight budget and need a quality saw for precision cutting, then the Makita SP6000J1 is certainly the right saw for you.

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