Rikon 10-325 14 inch Band Saw Review: Does it deliver?

Last Updated Date: 28-06-2022

rikon 10-325 band saw

Rikon has designed its 14-inch 10-325 band saw to provide you with numerous options for cutting wood as well as other materials.

The Rikon 10-325 comes with a very powerful 1 1/2 horsepower two speed motor, ball-bearing blade guides that are very smooth and a cast iron work surface, making it ideal for any kind of shop.

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It also comes equipped with other useful features like viewing windows that help with controlling your cuts, large dust ports and fast release blade tensions, so that it will be difficult for users to find another band saw that could provide as much quality as this band saw does.

Best Features

10-325 14 inch deluxe band saw at a glance The re-saw capabilities of this Rikon model is one of its best features. The model has such precision designed into it, that users are able to create veneers that with each pass are perfect.

Another excellent feature is its two speed 1 1/2 horsepower motor. Users are able to easily change from the precision cutting mode of 1,445 feet per minute over to 2,950 feet per minute.

That is more than half a mile, in case you weren’t aware of that already. The large polished 21 1/2-inch by 16-inch cutting table offers a large stable work area. You can tilt it in order to do beveled cuts and a heavy-duty rip fence is also included.


The band saw’s 115-volt makes it unnecessary for your shop to have 220-volt. It is made with a very sturdy steel frame that helps to reduce vibration and maintain accuracy. The double barring blade guides also help with stability and accuracy, while helping to extend the blade’s life at the same time.

The quick-release lever makes it very easy to release blade tension and helps to make it simple and fast to change the blades. The heavy-duty rip fence that is included comes with an integral inch scale that helps when making precision cuts. When cutting veneers, the re-sawing pivot guide makes sure that uniform cuts are made.


One of the disadvantages is with the manual rather than with the actual saw itself. The instructions in the manual are quite vague and don’t go into any details regarding how to actually assemble the saw. Also, the parts and bolt descriptions don’t match up always with what is contained inside the box when you receive it.

The fence is another problem that is reported for the 10-325. More accurately, it is with the mechanism that squares and secures the fence with the table. It has been reported that the lever that is used for locking the fence down is made very cheaply and doesn’t secure very tight. The milling that is on the fence face also is less than desirable. Those might be minor drawbacks. However, on a nice band saw like the 10-325, you would expect to find a first rate fence and higher quality publications on a first rate band saw.

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Best Suited For

For professional woodworkers, the saw has plenty of power and most of the features that you could expect from a larger sized saw. The Rikon 10-325 is also a great band saw for the beginner to start learning on and is pretty easy to set-up, even for those who don’t have a lot of experience with top rated band saws.

You also get very solid build quality at an affordable price. Beginning at about $800, the band saw is a good option for providing your shop with more quality without needing to break your bank account. Therefore, the Rikon 10-325 is well suited for both the seasoned veteran and the beginner.

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