3 Essential Apps for Woodworking: You won’t expect number 2

Last Updated Date: 26-04-2021

must have woodworking apps

Woodworking is an ancient art but it is rocketing into the future thanks to some amazing woodworking apps. Need inspiration for designs or plans? A handy tool that goes everywhere with you? These apps for woodworking will go a long way to help you.

In this article I’ll be exploring the 3 best apps for every woodworker. You might be a hobbyist, a DIY enthusiast or a professional carpenter, you will find each one of these apps helpful, inspirational and useful. They’re available on a variety of devices and once you start using them you will wonder how you managed without them.

The apps cover a variety of uses. One is a tool which you will likely use in every project that you complete! Another provides a whole world of inspiration. The final app that I’ll cover will put you in touch with professionals around the world, let you explore hundreds of plans and give access to hours of videos.

If I were you I’d download all of them. Each one of them is free and takes up very little space on your device. You’ve got nothing to lose downloading them, but a whole lot to gain.

The one you will use everyday – STANLEY’s Level App

(available for the iPhone and iPad)

stanley-level-app STANLEY are a powerhouse of tool making. They’ve provided woodworkers with quality products for hundreds of years. They’re not about to let the digital age stop that from happening. There are very few projects where you won’t find some use for a level.

This app provides you with a portable and convenient level that sits right in the palm of your hand. When you first download the app you will need to complete a quick calibration process (which you can redo as necessary) then you’re ready to go.

For the style conscious you can even change from the modern yellow to a classic cherry wood colour. This is a brilliant app for when you’re suddenly caught out or you’re asked for assistance without your tools to hand.

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The unexpected one and best for Android users – Pinterest

(available on all systems, iPhone/iPadAndroid)

pinterest app for woodworking and diyers Pinterest is evolving. This image sharing platform is growing and growing at a rapid rate. There is a community for pretty much every section of society, including woodworkers.

Download it and simply type in your search term. In our case try woodworking or woodworking plans or similar. You will suddenly have hundreds of ideas at your fingertips. This is a wonderful resource to provide inspiration for projects you may have never thought of. Simple and effective.

The one for dedicated woodworkers – The Wood Whisperer

(available on all systems, iPhone/iPadAndroid)

the wood whisperer The Wood Whisperer is an app for the serious woodworker who is keen to expand their knowledge. It has a huge video archive, shop tours and hundreds of woodworking articles. Essentially the app contains a huge collection of excellent content.

Users of the app have reported that it contains lots of great tips, projects and techniques all for free! If you want truly want to get beneath the surface of this app you will need to invest some time into it. I think the time investment is worth it for the hoards of information you will get!

Your virtual toolkit in your pocket.

There are hundreds of apps out there but these are the best that I’ve come across for Apple or Android users. The best thing? They’re right there in your pocket whenever you need them! Download them today and you won’t regret it.

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