3 Woodworking Projects You can Sell Fast to Start the New Year with a Bang

Woodworking projects that sell well It’s a new year and it’s time for a new start. Why not turn your woodworking hobby into a profitable one? With these projects you’ll be making money whilst enjoying using your skills.

In this article I’ll be giving you ideas for three projects that have been proven to sell. You could sell to family and friends or on a larger scale using an online platform.

Homemade gifts and craft projects are big news at the moment and this is the perfect time to get started. Many of these examples make use of pallets or reclaimed lumber meaning your costs are kept low.

These are projects of varying difficulty. You are the best person to decide if they are suited to your skill level. Remember that it’s better to complete simpler projects with an excellent finish. Don’t push yourself too far too soon otherwise you’ll end up with unhappy customers.

Use the following list of projects as a guide. They are a great starting point but feel free to alter them to your desires. The more unique your final piece, the more likely it is to sell.

If you can add an individual touch or even personalise the product then even better. Just beware this will likely take more time!

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Wine Bottle and Glass Holder

how to make a wine bottle and glass holder from wood This is a straight forward project that requires very limited amounts of material.

A simple 1 x 8 board will be plenty for your timber. In fact you’ll only need 7.5” so use your miter saw (see my favourite picks here) to cut it down to size quickly.

Following that you’ll just need a drill with appropriate bit sizes and finishing tools. The board is drilled so that it fits snuggly onto a bottle of wine.

The glasses fit into small 5/8” holes and are threaded through channels. Be wary of your size requirements. Different glasses have different size stems.

Credit to: http://www.downhomeinspiration.com/wine-bottle-and-glasses-holder/

Bottle Vase Holder

how to make a wooden Bottle Vase Holder Using 2x 14cm and 2x 32cm pieces of pallet you have all the wood you’ll need for this project. The shabby chic trend is still stronger than ever and so are reclaimed wood projects.

These vase holders don’t even require a great deal of finishing to look great. Many people are after an unfinished look!

Using a circular drill bit, your miter saw and some epoxy resin (see how to use it here) for gluing you’ll be able to create these quickly and simply.

I’d recommend using a clamp when gluing to ensure that the pieces are stable and completely secure, especially as they will have glass in them.

Credit to: http://nur-noch.com/flaschenvase-bottle-vase/

Pallet Wall Art

how to make Pallet Wall Art from recycled pallet wood Another pallet project, but this one has one great feature. It can be completely tailored to your customer. They can choose the words (pictures can be a whole lot more work) and you can print them using stencils created in Word.

Make sure that you remove all the old nails first as these can be a hazard. Secure your boards together using the original pallet back-brace boards with fresh 2” nails.

I recommend taking your time when working with the stencils. This is your finishing time.

The neater and more precise you are at this point the happier your client will be in the end.

Credit to: https://diyprojects.com/create-pallet-wood-wall-art-sign/

And remember… whistle while you work!

This might seem like making work out of your hobby. But the saying goes “If you enjoy your job then you never really work a day in your life.” If you love woodworking why not use your skills to make some cash on the side? These projects are just the start, use them as inspiration for all your own ideas!